Sev piloting the SL-06.

The SL-06 Personal Jet Propulsion is a very effective piece of equipment, allowing the user large amounts of mobility. It allows for easy flanking maneuvers and evasion of enemy fire, and it is most commonly utilized by specialist Stahl Arms troopers.

However, the flight that the jet pack allows is limited, acting more as a "jump pack" than the jetpacks seen utilized by the Helghast during the invasion of Vekta. The somewhat cumbersome nature of the SL-06's structure make it impossible to crouch into cover, so one must rely on steady aim and quick aerial maneuvers to survive large amounts of enemy infantry. This is not to say, however, that the SL-06 is crippling to the user, as while it was in use by Sevchenko, it has been observed to be able to take on an ATAC singlehandedly.

The SL-06's main gun, which seems to be a modified version of the StA3 LMG firing the lighter 5.56 x 45 mm cartridge, is able to effectively take all kinds of infantry squads and provide suppressive fire for allied advances.

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