Killzone 2, Killzone 3
Weapons StA-14 Rifle
Race Helghast
Affiliation HGH mini

The Rifleman is a defensive unit used by the Helghast army to fortify the rear ranks of combat. They set up in well covered positions behind lines of assault troopers and the more agile close range troops. They specialize in utilizing the StA-14 Rifle, which packs a punch, but requires the Rifleman's patience and steady aim to function optimally.


The Rifleman is rarely seen out in the open. Instead, he seeks a distant location for long range shots with his highly accurate StA-14 Rifle. You'll often be alerted to their presence by suddenly taking damage when no one is around, and you'll have to scan the area looking for the tell-tale sign of the Rifleman's glowing red eyes.

When you come under long range attack by a Rifleman, immediately seek cover before attempting to discover his location. You can return the favor of long distance snipe shots by zooming in with the M82 Assault Rifle and aiming for the red glow of his eyes. If you happen to have another long range weapon, such as the VC32 Sniper Rifle or VC9 Rocket Launcher, then use those to take the Rifleman out from a distance.

Another excellent approach is to find the Rifleman's location and then make your way to him. As you get close, he will stop his attack and try to move to another location. The Rifleman prefers not to engage in close quarters combat, and will always break off and seek a new location. If you are quick, you can get to him as he is trying to run and use your knife on him for a quick kill. In a pinch, the Rifleman will resort to a Melee attack with the StA-14 Rifle, but it is somewhat rare, and by moving quickly, you can easily negate this possibility by finishing the Rifleman with a fast R&K attack.