Killzone 2
Age -
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status -
Title Private
Affiliation ISA mini
Pvt. Richards was one of the few ISA marines left on Helghan.

Killzone 2Edit

He was tasked by his squad leader to investigate the crash site of the New Sun during the Second Extrasolar War. He came across the remnant of Alpha Squad and was nearly killed by Rico who had shot at him thinking that he was a Helghast soldier. During the encounter, Natko accidently activated an exo suit.

Richards said he was going to take it back to his squad but Rico told Sev to get inside. Once Sev had regrouped with the others, Richards told Rico off about the top brass of the ISA and insulted Col. Templar in the process. Rico proceeded to violently beat him, rendering him unconscious. Eventually Natko pulled him off the younger man, but Richards was still left behind by the remaining ISA forces as they pressed on to Visari's Palace. He likely died out in the wastes, either from exposure or dehydration.