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A map of the Radec Academy Level

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Original concept art for the level

A small multiplayer map in Killzone 2, Radec Academy is basically a large building with a central court.

Killzone 2Edit

Radec Academy is a major icon of the Helghasts' military supremacy. Countless soldiers graduate there each year, forming the bulk of the Helghast army. The ISA have launched a surgical strike to attempt to take the Helghast Military Academy, breaching the rear wall and emerging into a storeroom, beginning their mission to capture the location. Helghast forces stationed within the military academy have prepared defenses and are caught in a pitched battle to hold the academy.

It is also the site of the last part of the level Salamun Bridge; however, there are many differences between the Academy of the multiplayer and the Academy of the single player (no doubt so that it would be a better online map).

A small description of Radec's office in the Academy follows:

As commander and honorary master of military sciences, Radec was entitled to have an office matching his rank and titles. Its grandeur is translated in size and height, but also through the use of rich materials like the polished marble floors, the gold lining and frames.

Still, it stays true to the spartan and sombre style in which the academy is built. Sunken in the floor are some of the relics and trophies from Radec's campaigns. Behind the desk on the left you can see the torn and shredded war banner of Radec's 9th division, which was planted on the top of the control tower of Rayhoven Airport after conquering the southeastern territories of Vekta, and was wiped out in the defence of the base from ISA.
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Radec Academy in Killzone 3

Killzone 3Edit

Radec Academy is returning as a multiplayer map in Killzone 3, as part as the From the Ashes pack. The map is heavily damaged from the way it was in Killzone 2, with large sections of debris in some places. This seems to work well during play because it cuts down on some of the ability to camp a door from across the map. You can see a MAWLR in the background.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Edit

In the game 'Killzone: Shadow Fall', there is a map called 'The Academy', which if played is the ruins of the Radec Academy after the Terracide.


  • Radec Academy is one of the, if not the most, popular map in the Killzone series.