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Psp helghast pyrotrooper
A Helghast Pyro Trooper from Killzone: Liberation
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Pyro Trooper
Pyro Trooper from Killzone 2
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Pyro Troopers appear onward from Killzone: Liberation.

Armed with portable incendiary weapons, the Helghast Pyro Troopers specialise in clearing out enemy trenches and bunkers. Though they wear a brominated flame-retardant suit that offers a temporary shield from the flames, Pyro Troopers are still vulnerable to enemy fire.

Killzone: LiberationEdit

The Pyro Troopers first appears in Chapter 3 while you are trying to infiltrate the base and kill Colonel Cobar.

Killzone 2Edit

The Pyro Trooper usually keeps his distance and rarely seeks or uses cover, instead seeking to rain deadly flames down upon his enemies with his Flame Thrower. The Flame Thrower is slow to fire and has a limited range, which the Pyro compensates for by arcing it up to increase the range and to circumvent cover. At close range the Pyro will begin to move backward to keep his distance and will never use melee attacks.

Despite looking frail and lightly armored, Pyro Troopers are surprisingly durable as they have 3 times as much health as the regular Helghast Assault Infantry. This makes them the most durable Helghast soldiers, save for the Heavys, encountered in Killzone 2.

Because of the Flame Thrower's long start up time and the fact that the Pyro Trooper does not utilize melee attacks, rushing them with knife attacks will bring them down quickly. However, killing them from a distance with headshots is often a much safer strategy.

Killzone 3Edit

Several Pyro Troop
1untitled kil
Pyro Troopers in Killzone 3
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ers make an appearance in Killzone 3 in the trenches during Mission 8: The Reckoning. Their flamethrowers seem to deal noticeably more damage than they did in Killzone 2, making them much more dangerous at close range. Unlike most of the reoccurring enemies in Killzone 3, their uniforms have noticeably changed, being a combination of their appearance in Killzone: Liberation and Killzone 2.


Health: 150

Weapons: VC1 Flamethrower

First Appearance: The Cruiser: Landing Bay

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