Procyon is a binary star system of Spectral type F5 IV coupled with a White Dwarf of Spectral Class DA located approximately 11.41 Light years distant from Sol. This system was one of the systems first colonised under the First Diaspora between 2118 and 2148. It is not known whether the colony continues to be known simply as Procyon, or whether the system is now known by the name of its capital world - as is the case with Vekta, Helghan and Gyre.

During the long flight from Earth to Procyon it is known that a viral infection fatally damaged the Procyon colony's stocks of edible algae. The initial colony site quickly succumbed to starvation and a distress signal was sent to Earth. By the time the UCA Navy could send a relief fleet the entire colony had disintegrated in anarchy and cannibalism and all 500,000 colonists had perished. The colony was resettled by a second wave, but the original colony hub was left as it was found as a memorial.

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