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PnV06 Voltage - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide03:19

PnV06 Voltage - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The PnV06 Voltage is a Helghast Petrusite weapon introduced in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is a refined, production model of the original StA-5X Arc Cannon prototype introduced in Killzone 3.

Weapon InformationEdit

Originally designed as a compact, single-shot weapon, the PnV06 resembled a sniper rifle too closely and was rebuilt. This included adding two more barrels and tripling the size of the weapon, allowing the Voltage to fire three-round bursts of high-power Petrusite shells. This shoulder-mounted cannon is unlike any other weapon in the game, and excells in a support role. It can be equipped by the Support class in Shadow Fall's multiplayer, and is the only gun in-game that deals both direct and splash damage.


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