The Phantom Talon Corp. is a private military contractor (PMC) who issues mercenaries to anyone who is willing to pay. In 2357, The company is led by Anders Benoit.

Background Edit

The Phantom Talon Corp was first established in 2344, bearing the slogan "War is Our Business". 

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

Following the Helghast invasion on Vekta, mercenaries were in high demand. Both the ISA and the Helghast were bidding for PTC's mercenaries, though PTC earned a solid reputation with the ISA's commanders for its role in liberating Vekta. Over the course of the invasion, Phantom continued to assign mercenaries to both parties. They are also affiliated two other companies, Skull Knight Enterprises (which provided logisical and intelligence support to the Helghan Empire) and Eclipse Forces (who supported anti-UCN rebels and stirred colonial unrest), in an effort to maximize their profits.

Known members Edit

Known Associates Edit

  • Skull Knight Enterprises
  • Eclipse Forces

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