The refinery

The Petrusite extraction bay is also know more commonly as the refinery, it is a helghast refinery or ore processing plant where they turn raw Petrusite ord into fuel for powering both the city defenses also known as the petrusite powered arc cannons which is located and built-up on top off the diffrent smoker stacks which lies a Little bit off the coast of Pyrrhus, the complex have its own Arc defenses for Dealing with enemy attacks and the same goes for the other smicker stacks which Also lies nearby like the city known as Konstantine. the refinary generates power from using petrusite that are being processen and then is transported and used to fuel the Arc defenses by using giant underwater cables that is located lying on the seabed where the cables are protected from aerial bombardment and thus creates a well protected system. the petrusite is transported by using small automatic drone robots that work in vast numbers to efficiently keep the production in constant full operation mode. the drone robot workers is manufacturered by stahl arms and the robots pick up big electro static plates which the petrusite ore is protected under the flight from the smoker stacks of constantine to the refinary where the plates are dropped and put on a rail system  which the electro static plates are transported to a couple of machines (by that a worker drags the plates) which clean the electro static plates from the petrusite ore by using high pressure water spraying. after the petrusite have been cleaned off from the electro static plates the plates continues by being transported by the same rail system back  to the automatic drones which they pick up and transports back to the smoker stacks of constantine to continue to collect the petrusite ore and this process is repeated until other  orders are given or added to the drones. The dropped  off petrusite ore that was cleaned off from the plates is dropped down a conveyor Belt that lead the ore in to different processing machinery which grinds the ore and to be later on made into fuel and energy to feed the arc cannons and to be stored into batterys that are used in other ways. This refinary is built-up on the  smoker stack because of the advantages that it give, being that it has a unlimited storeage of seawater which acts like a coolant to

ensure that the reactor inside the refinary dosent explode by the heat. The refinary also has a small residential area where the workers live and it is like the other smoker stack  where  you rescued savic patroled by helghast police and stinger aircrafts. A tram system is also connected to the refinary that is going from the other smoker stacks, and like the automatic worker drones the tram carts is also manufactured by stahl arms.

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drones that is transporting ore.


the ore is dropped off for later processing


the big electrostatic plates are being cleaned off and transported back to the drones.


the ore being transported Before being converted into energy.

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