Orbital Elevator 2

The Orbital Elevator and Station

The Orbital elevator was a space elevator above Helghan.

It was here were Stahl had to give his petrusite weapons to the military, and it was also on this station that the helghast civil war broke out.

During the Second Extrasolar War, after repelling the ISA invasion, a Helghast Invasion fleet led by Chairman Stahl's personal Cruiser gathered around the Space Elevator, in preparations for the invasion of Earth.

There, Chairman Stahl and Admiral Orlock fought, Stahl won. Stahl ordered his Cruiser to attack the rest of the Invasion Fleet, wiping them out with his experimental beam weapons mounted on the cruiser, itself protected by never before seen Energy Shields.

While that transpired, a force of the remaining ISA troops boarded the Orbital Elevator to reach the Space Station, where they killed the guards, boarded two fighters and destroyed Stahl's cruiser.

The Orbital Elevator was destroyed when the irradiated Petrusite on Stahl's Cruiser was detonated. Another was built to replace it.