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Kz3 tu 2011-04-29 operations ma
Frozen Dam
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Operations is a game type present within Killzone 3's multiplayer mode. In this mode, players fight to achieve various strategic objectives on the map before time runs out, with objectives changing as the match progresses. Unlike other game modes, where the victory conditions are somewhat arbitrary, Operations sets up its objectives in a more thoughtful manner; i.e., the ISA forces on Frozen Dam are attempting to level the dam, while the Helghast try to defend it. The mode is also structured into attacking and defending teams, each one preset for the particular map. For example, on the map
Akmir Snowdrift
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Frozen Dam, the Helghast are set as the defending force, while the ISA comprise the attackers. During each match, there will be several layered objectives for each side to complete; the attackers must destroy a series of blast doors, shut down a security system, etc., with the completion of each objective opening up more of the map and bringing the attacking team closer to victory. If time runs out before the objectives are completed, then the defenders win. Objectives are completed by capturing and holding specific points on the map, and players are awarded bonuses for securing these territories in addition
Mawlr Graveyard
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to points earned via kills.

Operations MapsEdit

Frozen Dam (16 players)

The dam is serving as a base of operations for the Helghast, and the ISA must destroy it, while the Helghast seek to prevent them from doing so.

Akmir Snowdrift (16 players)

An ISA commando unit launches an attack against a grounded Helghast freighter in order to hijack the vessel and seize the cargo. From their camp on the petrusite rig next to the ship, the Helghast try to defend their prize.

MAWLR Graveyard (16 players)

Situated in a massive industrial junkyard, the ISA forces are attempting to reactivate a MAWLR by shipping a power core through the conveyor system, in hopes that its weapons could turn the tide of battle. Needless to say, the Helghast are anxious to avoid facing a war machine of such power, and seek to prevent the core from being moved.


  • After the opening cutscene, only the top 3 players of each team are shown in the action cutscenes.
    Image of a Helghast victory cutscene in MAWLR Graveyard.
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  • Its really easy and fast to find a match in this mode since there's only 3 maps.
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