The standard soldier, it is a class that can spawn with any unlocked weapons except the VC32 Sniper, and it is unable to use badges.

Also, it is the only class able to use the StA3 and M224-A1 LMGs, which can give an advantage in certain situations.

- Rank required: Private

- Badges: none

- Weapons related to this class: M224-A1 LMG, StA-3 LMG


Despite the fact the rifleman is unable to use badges, he can be useful under certain circumstances.

Most custom matches don't allow you to use certain classes(for example Assault), but they forget to edit the available weapons. You can take advantage of this by using the Rifleman class with the weapon you'd like to use.

Also, light machine guns can be useful for defending a spot, but they are meant to be used as a support weapon.

The M224-A1 is great for close quarter confrontations, and an experienced player can get extra accuracy by firing in short bursts. On the other hand, its clip is not too big (56 rounds), and the reload times are deadly in a combat situation.

The StA-3 has the same fire power, and much faster firing rate. however, it is much less accurate, but its clip is much bigger (96 rounds) and fast to reload.

Therefore, We'd suggest to use the StA-3 instead of the M224-A1, as both of them are meant to be used in close quarters, and the StA-3 is much more useful in these kinds of fights.

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