In Killzone 3, in singleplayer, shoot and kill 3 Helghast using the VC8 Shotgun Pistol without reloading or switching weapons.

In Chapter 2 "Evacuation Orders" -- Dead End, you can pick up a Shotgun Pistol from one of the Helghast that drop it during the fight in an open area, where you also rendezvous with some ISA

'One Each' is a bronze trophy, and an easy one to earn.

stragglers and a ISA vehicle. You can only fire 3 shots with the pistol before you need to reload, but the gun is pretty powerful and can instant kill enemies even from hip-fire on Recruit difficulty. If you can't get the trophy in this area, keep the gun with you as there will be more fights coming up with more than enough enemies.

The above excerpt was extracted from "Killzone 3 Trophy Guide" at PS3Trophies.Org.

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