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are high ranking Helghast in the Helghan Empire.
151px-Psp helghast officer

A Helghast officer

These infantry are stationed at forward posts and checkpoints where they maintain perimeter security at Helghast occupied territory. On the battlefield, they are equipped with the StA-52 Assault Rifle and occansionally the M327 Grenade Launcher  (in Killzone 1) however, they are also trained in hand-to-hand combat techniques which they often show off to their enemies. The Killzone and Killzone: Liberation officers are pictured but Killzone 2 officers (basic Shocktroopers) wear Russian like flat caps instead of helmets. They share the same character model as the Medic in the Warzone online mode in Killzone 2 along with being armed with the StA-11 Submachine Gun.

Killzone MercenaryEdit

In Killzone: Mercenary, they serve under Kratek and they can be interogated for intel and money and have StA-52 Assault Rifles. They are basically basic Shock Troopers but possibily older and with more experience in the battlefield along with higher in rank than their lower ranked and more inexperienced comardes under Metrac and Radec. 
Killzone Mercenary Helghast Officer

Regular Shock Trooper (Officer Killzone Mercenary)

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