Walkthrough by Omega189

I would use Luger for this level, as this is the easiest level to use with her. You'll start out in a tunnel leading from the ISA base from the last level. Take a few steps until you hear Helghast talking. Use your heat vision (square; this is really the only time through the whole game you'll use it...believe me.) to find where the Helghast are, then take them out with a single shot to the head with the machine pistol's secondary fire. Move up and kill the second squad of Helghast the same way. If they see you, pick up a Helghast rifle and gun them down with that, or use the shotgun attachment to take out.  In the small corridor, there is a single Helghast soldier who can kill you easily if you use Luger; be aware.  There are no enemies after him, so pick up the ammo near the dead soldier and climb up the ladder to the train station. When you get to the surface, two ISA troopers will ask you to follow them to the top of the station. Follow them, and listen to the radio operator's speech. If you used Luger, you'll have to fight your way across the bridge and plant the bomb while evading or killing the Helghast troops. Templar, however, must provide cover fire with the Sniper rifle so Luger can pass. Either way, the door will blow and you'll have to kill every Helghast in there. There are about six, all armed with Helghast Assault rifles. Kill them, and pick up ammo. (From this point on, I will tell you tactics as Luger, as I used her recently on this level). Go down to the courtyard and throw a grenade or two where Helghast are firing on your position. A gate will open on the opposite side from which you entered the courtyard. They can catch you off guard and kill you if you aren't careful. Once they're dead, set off the metal detector by walking through it, then walk through it again a few times. (Why? Because it's fun, duh.) Take a few more steps. Congratulations, you've completed the first of three parts of the level New Allies! Give yourself a pat on the back and get back to killing. To be continued...later.

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