Killzone - New Allies

This is the third level of Killzone. Luger and Templar are attempting to rescue Colonel Gregor Hakha from the Helghast, who is being held in the Vektan slums and deliver the key to the SD Platform to General Vaughton, but first, they must break through the Helghast lines at the train station and the park. Along the way they meet Sergeant Rico Velasquez, who was an ISA soldier who had survived a Helghast assault where his entire platoon had been viciously killed by a Helghast tank battalion. After him, Templar, and Luger fight off a Helghast attack group, he tells Templar about the news of General Bradley Vaughton being captured and held in the park, the crew quickly dispatches to rescue the General.

After rescuing the General Vaughton, he tells Rico to join Templar and Luger in their mission to rescue Hakha from the slums.

Section 1-"Park Terminal"Edit

Starting on the subways, you head left and a few Helghast appear, then go up the corridor and pass by another tunnel until you reach another corridor filled with graffiti, in the end, You'll find ammo for both Luger's and Templar's main weapon next to a dead ISA, there's also a ladder that will take you to the park terminal. Once up, a couple of ISA are trying to kill the Helghast on the building on the other side, but retreat by going up the building on your side. Once on top, a ISA soldier will tell you that it's necessary to blow up the door to access the other building, Luger will do the job. There's a sniper next to a bench on your right. Once it's blown up, you'll fight a few Helghast soldiers on the other side of seats and debris and after that, go down the stairs, there's another group of soldiers, including a couple of them on the balconies, but be careful, one of them has a pup grenade launcher, helpful tip, after the Helghast with the grenade launcher begins firing at you, retreat back up the stairs to the balcony so you have a clear line of sight. After they're dead, a shutter will open, revealing a couple of more Helghast leading to the exit.

Character PathEdit

Templar- While Luger goes to blow the door, your job is to grab the sniper and kill the Helghast soldiers on the windows in front and next to the door.

Luger- Since she's a sniper/assassin, in the beginning, some soldiers will be turned back to your location, being perfect to stab the knife on their necks and unlike Templar path, some soldiers won't show up. When blowing the door, it sounds easy being you to do it, but the soldiers on the windows next to the door will prove you wrong. After the door, there's an almost closed shutter that you can crawl, which will allow you to kill the Helghast soldier with the BP-02 Pup Grenade Launcher easier.

Section 2-"Park"Edit

You start at the terminal's exit and you'll see 2 Helghast soldiers looking away, after taking them out, a small group of Helghasts will come to your location, be advised, there are two more hiding under the balcony below you. After they're done, you'll enter the park, if you saved the sniper rifle, use it to surprise the Helghast, but remember, distant isn't the same as invisible. If you did not save the sniper, go right and you'll find a group of dead ISA with a sniper and a few rounds for it. Once you're out of the 1st section, a couple of ISA soldiers will ask for help to kill the oncoming Helghast. Then after that, you keep going until you hit a checkpoint on the bridge, on that point, be careful, there's a sniper hidden in the trees on the left and a group of Helghast on the right. After killing them, you'll exit the 2nd section and a ISA soldier will ask you to kill the 2 Helghast soldiers handling the AA towers. Then after that, he'll drop a few bombs, landing a ship "Heavily"! Another group of Helghast soldiers will come to your location, it's a good idea to use the AA tower to rip them apart. Them go right of the crashed Helghast dropship and you'll find a gate with a small hole, go there and you're done, for now.

Character Path:

Luger-Since she has the knife, it's a good idea to kill the 2 soldiers in the beginning "silently".

Section 3-"Rescue"Edit

Be careful here, 2 tanks will come to stop you, but thanks to Rico, he'll blow them away, so just worry about the Helghast Soldiers that are coming your way. After they're dead and the tanks blow, Rico says that General Vaughton has been captured, so it's your mission to find him and save him. Once you go deeper in the area, you'll find on your right a small group of Helghast and on your left, helpful tip, if you have the sniper rifle, you can line up two of the Helghast on the left and take them both with one bullet by sneaking closer to the right, but once you shoot, the Helghast on the right will be onto you, and another group of Helghast including 3 elites over a small hill, the sniper rifle would be appropriate. Kill the Helghast on the left and go inside the gatehouse, them you're done with this level.

Character Path:

Luger-Since she's weak, on harder difficulties it's not recommended to attack the elites right away, try to snipe the Helghast on the right and use the section to snipe the elites, remember that the elites are not using helmets, so it makes your job easier.


-The 1st section is a resemblance to the multiplayer map "Park Terminal" But the beginning scene doesn't exist and there's more than 1 way to the building on the other side.*

-If you pass through the metal detector, it'll set off a small alarm because you're carrying guns that are most likely made of metal.

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