Miner from Killzone 2


Not much is known about the Miners. The first encounter with them was only quite recently in the Wastelands. It's thought that they might have been trained by the Helghast army or its defectors. The Miners do seem to operate like an army unit, they fight like Assaults and prefer the StA-3 LMG.


The Miner carries an StA-3 LMG making it rather difficult to rush them. Furthermore, they don't seek cover as often as the Assault Infantry does. The power of their weapon makes them a bit more brazen and they will often remain out in the open to fire at you, especially when they're in groups. They will typically strafe from behind buildings and other vertical cover points and then strafe back out into the open to crouch and fire at you. When they strafe from behind cover point, target the edge of the cover point and wait for them to come back out. Once they do, begin using burst fire immediately to catch them off guard.

When you encounter a Miner, you should seek cover quickly and fire at them from your cover point. Peek out from your cover often to tempt them into firing on you and return the fire once they stop. Watch them carefully for a reload. If they are alone, quickly rush them for a knife attack as they are reloading to easily put them down. In groups, they will often advance on your position, so using a grenade is a good tactic to push them back or wipe them out.

It's far easier to rush them for your knife attacks when they are seeking cover. Look out for them peeking over their cover point and then fire. As soon as they stop and begin to crouch down, immediately rush forward for your melee attack.


Health: 50

Weapons: StA-3 LMG

First Appearance: Suljeva Village: Maintenance Office


  • Despite their combat abilities, when Miners are cornered they will panic and beg for mercy, claiming they were forced to fight. This is seen when Rico nearly murders the miner running the train who failed to grab his LMG.
  • Instead of seeking cover, the Miner will often hold his ground out in the open.
  • They bear almost the same appearances like the Helghast saboteur or more likely the saboteur is disguised as a miner.
  • Miners seem to have a diffrent accent from the other Helghast soldiers.
  • Also, the Miners might actually be guerilla soldiers, or civilians that have no real say, seeing as how they are first encounterd in an industrial village and no wheres else.  As the first bullet says when Rico tries to kill one he claims that he's not a soldier, and later after the train has stopped, you can hear Helghast troops complain about them being weak civilians.
  • The Miners also could be partisans trained or funded by the Helghast Military.

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