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"This is Vekta. This is our home, and it always will be. I want you to remember that."
—Michael to his son, Lucas.[src]
Michael Kellan
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Killzone: Shadow Fall
Titles N/A
Planet Vekta
Age Unknown
Status Deceased (Shot and executed by Helghast soldiers)
Death: December 27, 2370
New Helghan, Vekta
Race Human (Vektan)
Role Civilian
Father of protagonist Lucas Kellan
Affiliation Lucas Kellan (son, deceased)
Thomas Sinclair (briefly, deceased)
Weapons Stun Gun

Michael Kellan (? - December 27, 2370) was the single father of protagonist Lucas Kellan and a citizen who lived in Vekta. He was killed by Helghast soldiers 20 years prior to the current events of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

On December 27, 2370, during the Helghast resettlement on Vekta and the forced eviction of several thousands of civilians out of New Helghan, Michael and his son, Lucas, attempted to escape to the safety of the Vektan side of The Wall, for fear of being killed by the aggressive Helghast. He and his son witnessed from their home a man being gunned down by the Helghast. The pair grab supplies and make their escape shortly before their home is stormed by the Helghast.

During their escape, they met with Shadow Marshal Thomas Sinclair, who helped them in their escape. When they were near The Wall, Michael stunned a Helghast soldier guarding the route, but then expressed displeasure of seeing Sinclair shoot the helpless Helghast. When Michael, Sinclair and Lucas were near safety, Sinclair told them to wait for him as he scouted the area ahead, claiming the route to be dangerous. As they waited, Michael and Lucas were then spotted by a drone, which alerted nearby soldiers of their presence.

"Wait! Wait, we were promised safe passage. Please I've got my son with me. We're unarmed. Hey stop! Stop! You can't do this! This is our home too!"
—Michael Kellan's final words before being gunned down by Helghast soldiers.

Though they tried to escape, Michael was then shot and injured by a trio of Helghast soldiers. Despite pleading for mercy, he was then shot dead by the trio of Helghast soldiers. Before his death however, he displayed extreme courage stating that the Helghast had no right to be committing the atrocities that were taking place and that Vekta was their home too. His son was saved by Sinclair, who would later take Michael's place in raising him. However, Sinclair would also be the one in killing his son, after he sided with Helghast agent Echo and went rogue.



  • He is voiced by Jeff Branson.
  • He is the first major character to die in Killzone: Shadow Fall.