The Medic class is the first unlocked class in Killzone 2 Multiplayer, unlocked at the rank of Master Sergeant. It has two badges, both meant to help team members. A Medic can use the M82 Assault Rifle and StA52 Assault Rifle, along with both pistols. A similar class is available in Killzone 3's multiplayer also named Field Medic.


  • Primary badge: Medic's Reviving Device, allows the user to revive mortally wounded allies.
  • Secondary badge: Medic's Healthpacks, allows the user to throw healthpacks for friendly and personal use. It refills the user's healthbar completely. They can be "stolen" by enemy players.


  • In the campaign, Sev uses the Revive Gun to revive his teammates.
  • The ISA medics use the M4 Revolver instead of the M82 rifle.
  • The Helghast medic was not seen in the campaign. They also somewhat resemble the advanced shock troopers in the campaign.
  • The Medical Kit is produced by Visari Corporation, a Helghan company, yet it is used by the ISA's medics, likely due to them scavenging the incredibly useful tools to use instead of their (possibly) less advanced medical equipment.