Medical Kit

The Medic's Healthpacks are a tool manufactured by the Visari Corporation, that enables players of the Medic class to heal allies, but health packs can also be stolen and used by an enemy player.

With Healthpacks, you can heal yourself or other players for 100 Health Points when picked up. When a Healthpack hits the ground, it will remain there for 20 seconds, during which time it can be picked up by an allied team mate who is lacking a full Health Gauge. Once a Healthpack is thrown, a cool-down period of 10 seconds must pass before the Medic can throw another one.


To gain the use of Healthpacks, you must earn the Trauma Surgeon Medal. This is achieved by acquiring 8 Revival Specialist Ribbons in any game type. Each Ribbon is awarded when you Revive 5 team mates in a single round of play. To earn sufficient Revive points for the Ribbon, try to position yourself near, but not too near, the areas of the most concentrated action, to Revive fallen team mates and then quickly retreat from the fray without incurring too much risk. You will not be awarded the Revive point until a few seconds after reviving. If the player you Revive is killed again during this time, the Revive will go towards neither your points score nor the Ribbon.


  • The healthpack strongly resembles a blood pack used in hospitals.