A Medal is rewarded when 8 of the same Ribbons have been collected.


  • (Unlocks Combine Tactician 2nd Ability)
  • (Unlocks 100,000 Valor)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Assassination Kills)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Melee Kill)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points per Survival)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Returns/Disarms)
  • Corpse Counter - 8x Body Count Specialist
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills)
  • (Unlocks 2nd Engineer Ability)
  • (Unlocks Increased Start Ammo Amount)
  • (Unlocks Combine Saboteur 2nd Ability)
  • (Unlocks Combine Engineer 2nd Ability)
  • (Unlocks Combine Medic 2nd Ability)
  • (Unlocks Combine Scout 2nd Ability)
  • (Unlocks Combine Assault 2nd Ability)
  • (Unlocks Second Sniper Zoom)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Headshot)
  • (Unlocks Saboteur Ability)
  • (Unlocks 1000 Valor)
  • (Unlocks 10,000 Valor)
  • (Unlocks Increased Grenade Amount)
  • (Unlocks M4 Revolver 2nd Weapon)
  • (Unlocks Increased Points/Return)
  • (Unlocks 2nd Scout Ability)
  • (Unlocks 2nd Tactician Ability)
  • (Unlocks 2nd Medic Ability)

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