Killzone 2Edit

Killzone 2's Multiplayer holds multiple maps, Original maps as well as Downloadable Content.

Original MapsEdit

It has a bunch of small buildings that are used as objective points and sniping spots. Since the level is so big, you need long range weaponry. You can take spot & mark for a big advantage as a sniper.

A dark, medium sized map with indoor areas, as well as an outdoor crossing underneath a skybridge (propaganda device up there). It'll always be big on this map, plenty of action. The C&R game mode excels here.

A small map, basically a building with a central court. This map is perfect for Capture & Hold, as there is a C&H zone in the central court, which leads to big battles.

A small map with multiple layers. Close quarters combat as well as medium range, and an environment that'll suck you in. This map is good for Assassination, and will constantly make you hope the enemy isn't around the corner.

It has multiple layers, and each match will replace the fight to a different height and layer. Capture and hold will sometimes keep you on the lower layer, but next time you'll but on the top of the level, conquering the high platform.

This map has intense enough battles that it'll addict you to Warzone. There'll be chaos, bullets, and blood all around you. This map is good for any class, any weapon, and any game mode.

This is a long stretched map with a wide street with a stretched S-curve, skybridge above, and a couple of alleys next to the street. This map is good with any class, and has intense battles.

The setting is perfect. Visari just blew up Pyrrhus and particles fall from the sky, combined with great colouring. This map doesn't really excel on any game mode, but doesn't allow a single class to dominate.

Downloadable MapsEdit

Steel and TitaniumEdit

Flash and ThunderEdit

Napalm and CorditeEdit

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