Mandor Savic
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Killzone: Mercenary
Age 45
Race Helghast
Planet Helghan
Status -
Title Scientist
Affiliation -

Doctor Mandor Savic is a Helghast scientist and weapons developer and a defector who seeks the protection of the ISA. He was born in 2314, in Pyrrhus.

Killzone: MercenaryEdit

Savic was ordered by Vyktor Kratek, under threat of his family's safety, to create a bio-weapon based on a virus that Kratek stole on Vekta. The doctor presumed that the weapon would be used merely for defense, but after he learned of Kratek's true intentions, in which he wanted to use it on Vekta, he installed a plasmid trigger on the virus' RNA codes that would make it non-contagious and fled with it.

He sought to defect to the ISA through the aid of Sepp Harkin, including conditions that he would be given protection and would not be labeled as a war criminal. However, as soon as he learned that Kratek's men were soon to arrive at the embassy, he quickly fled to the docks and used one of the boats to flee to the black market area of the city. 

He later contacted the mercenary, Arran Danner, who was sent by Admiral Alex Grey to rescue him, and explained his situation and told Danner to meet him at a bar on the upper levels. However, when Danner meets with him, Kratek's troops discover his location after Savic broke radio silence. He escapes with Justus Harkin whilst Danner gives both of them time to rendezvous with Anders Benoit. Savic, Justus and Danner successfully escape the area and Savic is brought to the Admiral. 

However, instead of the protection he was promised, he was instead interrogated by Grey, who wanted to use the bio-weapon to destroy Helghan. Savic was forced to reveal the location of the secret facility that held the virus. After Grey left with Justus and Benoit, he was left tortured by ISA soldiers. However, he was rescued by Danner. Before revealing his secrets, he tells Danner to switch off his communications for fear of Kratek listening.

He explains that whilst he told Grey of the location of the facility, he did not tell her of the codes of the room that contained the weapon. He also reveals that he injected the plasmid trigger into Justus' bloodstream, and the reason why he left the embassy moments during the attack was because he thought that Kratek's men would leave the Harkins unharmed and would instead focus on finding and capturing him. After telling Danner of the codes to the weapon room and the facility's location, he slumps to the floor, feeling remorse and guilt for what he had done.

Danner then has an option to kill Savic or leave him be (in which the player will receive a different achievement depending on whether he lives or dies). 

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  • He is voiced by Angus Wright.
  • His last name, Savic, is actually pronounced "Savich".
  • Although he can be spared, it is presumed that he dies anyway due to Scolar Visari nuking Pyrrhus City. 
  • Killing Savic unlocks the "Executioner" trophy. Likewise, sparing him unlocks the "Reprieve" trophy. Both are bronze.