"Thank god, looks like we're going home."
Killzone 3
Age -
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status -
Title -
Affiliation ISA mini

Mandaloniz was the Captain of the ISA Compulsion. He coordinated an evacuation to the Compulsion with Captain Narville and remnants of Avenger Convoy before it's destruction.

Killzone 3Edit

Mandaloniz appears in only two scenes, during both of which he is urging Narville to get his men to the Compulsion so they may evacuate from the planet, all the while the ship is being hit by strikes from a MAWLR. The Compulsion is later hit by the debris of the Dauntless, destroying the Cruiser and possibly killing Mandaloniz and everyone onboard.



  • A look alike of him appears after the timeskip, shown in the gallery, but whether he actually survived is unknown as it is not stated. Why Guerilla Games would have him survive and then have him show up only in a random scene is not known either, but it is possible. It's also possibly a re-use of the model.