M80 Missile Launcher

The M80 Missile Launcher

The M80 Missile Launcher is the ISA's anti armor Missile launcher, found in Killzone 2's Multiplayer and Killzone Mercenary and is manufactured by ISA. It basically throws a 84 mm Missile, which activates its thruster shortly after. It is just as powerful as the VC9 Rocket Launcher, but has a scope, instead of iron-sights. It bears a lot of resemblance to the real life SMAW in terms of fire design.

The M80 has a homing ability: when scoped in, keep your crosshairs on the target until a diamond shape appears, which is your signal to fire. This ability is effective against airborne targets, such as the Sentry Bot, as well as Intruders, Helghast Dropships, and Stingers.

  • Clip Size:1
  • Max Clips: 3
  • Max Rounds: 3
  • Auto-Lock Timer: 1 second
  • Reload Time: 3.2 sec
  • First Appearance: MP only

Round Damage

Single Player Campaign

Multiplayer Warzone

Range Damage Range Damage
Not used in SP. 0 - 3.4 750
3.5 - 5 60


  • The M80 is based on the real-world SMAW rocket launcher.
  • The M80 model is almost identical to the M404 Missile Launcher from Killzone; it is not clear whether the two are supposed to be different weapons, or whether they are the same and the name has simply been retconned between games.
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