The M55 Rumbler is a VSA assault rifle and the successor to the wildly popular M82 Assault

M55 Rumbler
Kzsf in 2013-08-27 m55-assault-rifle-01
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Type Assault Rifle
Manufacturer VSA
Location Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 7 (Chapters 2,4,7: used by VSA agents. Chapter 3: found on gun rack)
Alt/Zoom n/a
Power Average
Rate of fire 515 RPM (Fully Automatic)
Accuracy High
Range Mid to long

Rifle. It is the new standard-issue rifle for the VSA and the ISA Marines, and has many similarities to its predecessor.


The M55 shares the standard VSA design philosophy, valuing accuracy and stability. Like the M82, the Rumbler is a bullpup design chambered for the 6.8x43mm round. The major visual differences are the replacing of more rounded, ergonomic forms with angular sides that resemble a stealth plane. Available to the Assault class in multiplayer, the M55 has been made more flexible by the introduction of attachments in Shadow Fall, allowing for different optics and underslung attachments to be equipped. Thanks to its varied selection of attachments -- as well as its all-around prowess -- the Rumbler is an incredibly popular weapon and a great choice for both newcomers and veterans alike. It is brilliant at headshots, where it is a one shot headshot.

Attachements Edit