M327 Grenade Launcher

The M327 Grenade Launcher from Killzone 2.

Kz2 m327nadelundger

The M327 Grenade Launcher from Killzone.

The M327 Grenade Launcher is the ISA's one and only grenade launcher manufactured by ISA Laboratories. It fires 40 x 46 mm mid velocity high explosives from a six-round revolver-style cylinder, which are useful for blanketing an area to deny enemy access, or for taking advantage of the chaos of a distant firefight. The weapon is also very effective at knocking out enemy positions at medium and long range, at ground level or elevated positions. In the original Killzone, however, the M327 had a secondary function of firing proximity mines, which would stick to the surface of whatever the weapon was pointed at.

The "Thumper", as it is nicknamed, fires 40 mm percussion grenades that detonate on contact with soft matter such as flesh, but (in Killzone 2 and Killzone 3) otherwise have a short delayed detonation. The grenade is relatively bouncy so it can be ricocheted around corners and into rooms for easy breaching and its extremely effective with enemies behind cover.

Grenadiers, also known as "grenade jockeys," are equipped with these, as is the Assault class in the multiplayer.

This weapon is available in Killzone Mercenary with the disadvantage that it only comes with six rounds that can't be neither reloaded or picked from fallen enemies, and you won't get more rounds unless you pay to Blackjack (campaign) or die (multiplayer). However, another six rounds may be given if the player is using the Support Armour, thus enabling the player to reload the weapon.


  • Clip size: 6
  • Max Clips: 2
  • Max Rounds: 12
  • Round Fuse Time: 1.7 sec (explodes on impact if it strikes a target)
  • Round Reload Time: 0.6 seconds (This is the time it takes to chamber another round after a single shot)
  • Clip Reload Time: 4.6 seconds
  • First Appearance: Salamun Bridge: Bridge East

Round Damage
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage Range Damage
0 - 1.5 60 0 - 0.9 65
1.6 - 4.5 1 1 - 2.4 60
2.5 - 4.9 55


  • The M327 Grenade Launcher's design is loosely based on the Milkor MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher).
  • The weapon's top-folding stock is never usable in-game.
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