M194 Frag Grenade

The M194 Fragmentation Grenade

The M194 Fragmentation/Percussion Grenade is the most commonly-used grenade during the Second Extrasolar War, originally used by the ISA. It is nicknamed "Door Knocker" for its tendency to catch enemy soldiers off-guard and is manufactured by ISA.

The M194 uses a slow fuse as a backup igniter, and it has indicator-lights that slowly light up when triggered, going from green to red as it comes close to exploding. It is able to kill a man within 2 meters of the explosion.

A common tactic for soldiers is to "cook" a grenade for a few seconds prior to release, so that it takes much less time to explode, or explodes almost immediately upon reaching its destination; this prevents the enemy from using up those precious few seconds prior to the grenade's detonation needed for them to successfully avoid the grenade.

This grenade is useful in both single player and multiplayer, and can be a priceless weapon when you need to take out many enemies without endangering yourself, especially when playing on Elite difficulty where the AI of the enemy is very high and you lose health much easier.

Note: Helghast will throw grenades at you if you take cover for too long.


  • Max Carried: 3
  • Throw Delay: 2.8 sec (amount of time it takes to throw another)
  • Fuse Time: 2.5 sec

Explosion Damage
Single Player Campaign

Multiplayer Warzone

Range Damage Range Damage
0 - 2.9 110 0 - 2.9 110
3 - 4 50 3 - 4 50
5 - 7 5 5 - 7 5
8 1 8 1


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