UCA soldiers with an M15A7 rifle, march Helghast Corp. soldiers to prison camps.

The M15A7 Assault Rifle was the venerable infantry weapon of the UCA by the time of the First Extrasolar War. Its 30 round magazine fires the highly accurate 6.5 x 39 mm R cartridge, different to its ISA successor: the M82 Assault Rifle with its 6.8 x 43 mm round.

The M15 weapon family features the same gas system as the M82, which is also based on the M15 family. The main difference between them is the general layout, as the M15A7 has a conservative, non-bullpup, design.

An M303 Grenade Launcher can be attached.


  • The M15A7 seems to be an further development of the Colt M4 carbine. 

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