Lung Burn was the most common affliction the Helghan colonists endured before their transformation into the Helghast.


While the atmosphere of Helghan is technically breathable by human beings, it is far more toxic than the colonists initially believed. After the exodus from Vekta to Helghan, the colonists had very little in money or technology, even lacking basic rebreathers for their people. Neither the ISA or UCN gave any form of medical or financial aid, and once the exodus was complete, established a blockade of the planet, which blocked any form of outside assistance, save for the ICSA. Coupled with malnutrition, radiation sickness and severe depression among the colonists, this illness soon became leading form of death on Helghan for many early decades. 

Symptoms and EffectsEdit

The primary damage caused to the human body consisted of corrosion of the lungs and poisonous gasses seeping into the individuals' skin and blood. The result was a slow and painful death, however the amount of time needed for it to finally kill the colonists gave them enough time to have children who would adapt, and grow more and more resilient to the planet's atmosphere over several generations. 

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