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Lucas Kellan
Lucas Kellan Dossier Photo
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Titles Shadow Marshall (Shadow 1-8)
Planet Vekta
Age 27
Status Deceased (shot and executed by Thomas Sinclair)

Death: July 7, 2390
Stahl's Sanctum, Stahl's Base, Above Helghan

Race Human
Role Protagonist (playable character) of Killzone: Shadow Fall
Affiliation Michael Kellan (father, deceased)
Thomas Sinclair (formerly, went rogue against, but was shot and executed by, deceased)
Echo (enemy turned ally)
Shadow Marshal
Weapons LSR44


Lucas Kellan (2363 - July 7, 2390) is the main protagonist and playable character in Killzone: Shadow Fall. After he witnessed his father's death at the hands of the Helghast as a child during the resettlement of the Helghast in Vekta, he was taken under the guidance of Thomas Sinclair, a Shadow Marshal who raised him and after several years, became a Shadow Marshal himself, graduating in the top of his class as well as becoming Sinclair's right-hand man. As a Shadow Marshal, he is tasked by Sinclair in various missions to spy and gain intel on the Helghast as well as investigate a rising threat in the continuing war between Vekta and the Helghast. He holds some respect and is well known within the ISA, especially its government intelligence branch, the VSA.


During the resettlement of the Helghast following the destruction of Helghan the Helghast refugees were given half the planet of Vekta as their new home. Lucas and his father Michael Kellan lived in what would one day be New Helghan.

When the Helghast deported several tens of thousands of Vektan civilians out of New Helghan (and killed any who resisted, or simply just killed them either way), Lucas and his father attempted to secretly reach the safety of the Vektan side of The Wall. As the pair began their escape, they were avoiding Helghast patrols and drones until they met and aided by Thomas Sinclair, a Shadow Marshal. When the group nearly reached the wall, Sinclair scouted ahead to ensure that the route was clear. However, Lucas and his father were spotted by a Helghast drone, and though they tried to escape, they were quickly found and held at gunpoint by Helghast soldiers (with Lucas' father getting wounded in the process). Though Michael pleaded for mercy, he was then shot dead. As Lucas was about to be taken or killed too, Sinclair returned and killed the Helghast.

Lucas was then taken in by Sinclair, who would become his mentor and father figure. He would join the Shadow Marshals. At the age of 13, enrolled in Shadow Marshal Academy, and excelled in all areas to finish in the top 2% of his graduating year and working under Sinclair's command. To this very day, his hatred and resentment of the Helghast didn't overshadow his judgement, but he could never forgive them for murdering his father.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Twenty years later, Kellan allowed himself to be captured by the Helghast as part of an investigation. After being brought across The Wall as part of a prisoner exchange for a Helghast agent named Echo, Kellan returned the Helghan side of The Wall in order to retrieve classified data. Afterwards, Kellan was then sent by Sinclair to the ISC Cassandra, a classified research ship, to destroy evidence of a bio-tech weapon being created by Dr. Hillary Massar and sending the ship into a nearby sun in order to prevent it from falling to the Helghast. Although Kellan succeeded in scuttling the Cassandra, Dr. Massar defected to the Helghast.

Upon returning to VSA Headquarters, Kellan was caught in an explosion that destroyed the building and coming under attack by the Helghan terrorist group, the Black Hand. After repelling the Black Hand, Kellan was sent undercover to New Helghan to find the Black Hand's leader, Vladko Tyran. Eventually, Kellan finds Tyran and learns that he is working for Jorhan Stahl, who is planning to reignite war with Vekta with the use of Massar's bio-tech weapon that has been altered to target Vektans. Shortly after, Kellan is captured. He is once again encountered by Echo, who revealed her desire to end animosities between the Vektan and Helghast to prevent a war between them. She helped him escape and returning him to Vekta City in an attempt to convince the VSA to stand down. However, Kellan failed to convince Sinclair, who is very displeased that his agent is siding with Echo. Instead, Kellan is then dispatched to track down and retrieve Massar from Helghan.

By the time he finds Massar, Kellan learned that she had finally completed the bio-weapon and it is being ready for its final test. Kellan disobeyed Sinclair's orders and allowed Massar to be killed by Echo. This act of disobedience caused Sinclair to view Kellan as a traitor. Kellan teamed up with Echo to stop Jorhan Stahl from deploying the bio-weapon. As they head to Stahl's base on Helghan while confronting and killing Vladko Tyran in the process, ISA forces sent by Sinclair arrived and were preparing to lay siege on Stahl's base. Kellan tried to warn Sinclair to abort the assault as Stahl prepares to deploy the weapon. Unfortunately, Sinclair ignored him and the ISA forces were decimated by Massar's weapon. Kellan was separated from Echo during the chaos before heading alone to confronting Stahl. Upon reaching Stahl, Kellan witnessed Stahl suddenly shot dead by Sinclair, who then fatally shoots Kellan. Sinclair expressing disappointment for Kellan's betrayal and revealing his intentions to restart the war against the Helghast and using Massar's weapon to finally end the Helghast before executing Kellan by shooting him in the face.

Kellan's death is avenged by Echo, who assassinates Sinclair during his speech in Vetka City, and preventing another war from happening between the Helghast and Vetkans.


  • He is voiced and portrayed by Gene Farber, who also portrays Lucas in the live action Shadow Fall commercial.
  • If Lucas is spotted during the first chapter, "The Father", then he will be killed. This is notable since Lucas in said chapter is only a child, therefore making Lucas the only child to be killed on-screen throughout the entire Killzone series
  • Lucas is the youngest cadet to ever make it into the Shadow Marshal Academy.
  • He is in the top five of the graduating class.
  • He is the first playable protagonist to die in the Killzone series. Excluding Jan Templar, who was not a playable character at the game of his death.


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