Killzone HD Light Soldiers Mission 2 Vekta Evacuates

Psp helghast grenadier

A Light Soldier from Killzone

Wearing uniforms that emphasize speed over protection, Light Soldiers function as points of attack for the Helghast Forces. Their lack of hard armor forces them to maximize cover when engaging opponents.


Their uniform is a simple vest with a light bullet-proof vest. They are used mainly for scouting or for routing the enemy and flanking them. They are lightly armored to make them suitable and effective for combat. They prefer Speed over armor any day.


They use about the same equipment as regular infantry do but they are not as heavily bogged down as one might say. They are loaded with StA-52 Assault Rifles and either machine pistols or handguns.

Ps2 helghast sta52lar

Helghast StA - 52 LAR

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