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The LS57 Submachine Gun is an ISA-designed submachine gun.

It is modeled after the M82 Assault Rifle. Like the M82, the receiver and metal portions are black and the various plastic components and grips are olive drab. It can only be used in Multiplayer or Botzone. It is only available as the medic's starting weapon, and it is not obtainable by any other class. The LS57 is a very useful starter and many players prefer to use it than unlock other weapons in the medic class.

It fires the subsonic 9mm round. 

It reappears in Killzone Mercenary. However, the magazine size has been reduced to 25 rounds, causing the user to be consistently reloading. Also, the low accuracy may cause to empty the entire magazine in two-three and not killing an enemy. But the high damage output forces the player to shoot on bursts to maintain accuracy and power.

Trivia Edit

  • The LS57, like the M82 on which it is based, incorporates elements of the real-world ZM LR-300ML, while its overall layout is clearly styled after the H&K MP5.

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