LS21 Valk - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide05:29

LS21 Valk - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The LS21 Valk is a VSA submachine gun introduced in Killzone: Shadow Fall, and the successor to the M66-SD Submachine Gun to which it bears a resemblance.

Weapon InformationEdit

The LS21 Valk is one of three submachine guns in Shadow Fall, and the first of two that are available to the Assault class in multiplayer. The Valk has a high rate of fire, but lacks stopping power and has a smaller magazine capacity. It is quite compact and a solid choice for players that prefer to rush around the map with an aggressive playstyle. The Valk has a unique, built-in burst fire feature. You can tap the fire button to fire a burst of three bullets, or hold the trigger down for fully automatic firing. The LS21 has 3 scopes and 2 underbarrels. The  gun is sometimes equiped with a laser dot scope, a holo scope and a AGOG scope and for under barrels are a shotgun underbarrel and a laser underbarrel which increases its accurcy.


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