UNSC Exoskeleton view

ISA Exoskeleton

The LS209 Exoskeleton is a bipedal weapon platform which represents the latest in the ISA's development of war machines. It was used by ISA forces in the Second Extrasolar War against the Helghast.


Fast and agile, the ISA Exoskeleton is ideal for providing support for convoys, as it is able to traverse even the most difficult of terrain, as opposed to being confined to established trails and roads. Furthermore, it is rugged and reliable enough to withstand the worst of Helghan's electric storms. It is equipped with advanced armor plating, a left arm-mounted 70 mm rocket launcher, and a right arm-mounted M224 HOMAG machine gun.

Despite proving its worth, the suit itself is just a mass produced prototype. The prototype in Killzone 3 is the third model type, and the first to be mass produced, as the first two exploded during unmanned testing. Several techs can be heard discussing the suit's drawbacks and abilities just a sneak peek of Corinth Highway, with the most major drawback being the lifespan of the vehicle, stated to only be capable of usage on Helghan for a few months before breaking down.

The pilot is quite vulnerable due to the fragile glass windshield that seals the cockpit. This can be a problem in multiplayer as a good shot can kill the operator, potentially turning the suit over to the enemy.


  • The LS209 is the only vehicle in the Killzone series to have a serial designation.
  • The exosuit will not be in the multiplayer of Killzone: Shadow Fall (initially) in order to ensure that custom Warzone presets work on all maps.[1] However there are two toy exos in Lucas Kellan's room (the protagonist of Shadow Fall) in the first chapter.
  • The LS209's designation is maybe a reference to the 1987 film Robocop, in which ED-209, an automated bipedal machine reminiscent of the LS209, appears as a minor antagonist. The ED-209 is also depicted as having several performance issues, similar to the LS209.

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