LS12 Ripper - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide03:55

LS12 Ripper - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The LS12 Ripper is a VSA handgun introduced in Killzone: Shadow Fall, and the primary sidearm of the VSA.

Weapon InformationEdit

The LS12 Ripper is one of two weapons Lucas Kellan has equipped by default in Shadow Fall's campaign in almost every level. In multiplayer, it is the second sidearm available to the Assault class. It is one of only a handful of burst fire-capable weapons in Shadow Fall, and the only weapon that has it as an alternate fire mode.


  • Like most, if not all weapons in Killzone, it's a hybrid of various real-life designs. The slide appears to be inspired in that of the Springfield Armory XDM, whereas the frame and magazine are more akin to a Glock 18, and the grip safety, slide release and thumb safety appear to be loosely based on the Colt 1911
  • It may be the successor to the M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol from the original Killzone.


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