LMG Trooper

LMG Trooper from Killzone 2

Known for their ferocity, LMG Troopers are elite soldiers that act as support units when Helghast troops need serious firepower.


The LMG Trooper is much like the Miner but far more bold and dangerous. Like the Miner, they will hold their ground in the open and rely on the power of their StA-3 LMG to keep them safe. They are more heavily armoured and steady, so they don't need to crouch down when firing their StA-3 LMG. This makes them considerably more mobile and deadly as they can move and fire at you at the same time.

Due to the power of their StA-3 LMG, it's hard to rush them, especially on the higher difficulty levels. You'll only encounter the LMG Trooper in Mission 10 and there is plenty of cover for every encounter. Be conservative and use your cover often to tear them down with burst-fire. The StA-3 LMG is the weapon of choice, but the VC9 Rocket Launcher and M194 Percussion Grenade are also excellent options.

When the LMG Trooper seeks cover, aim for any exposed body part to easily take them out. Watch them carefully for when they reload, and rush them for a knife attack as they reload their weapon. Be careful with a rush attack though as the LMG Trooper is never alone and often accompanied by other LMG Troopers and many Assault soldiers.

Killzone 3Edit

KILLZONE3 lmgtrooper concepts

LMG Trooper from Killzone 3 Concept Art

Unlike most of the enemies returning from Killzone 2 over to Killzone 3, the LMG Troopers have been noticeably changed from their prior incarnation. Instead of wearing the same uniforms as the Advanced Assault Infantry, LMG Troopers now wear a heavy hard armor chestplate with a high armored collar. Their movement speed has noticeably slowed, and they now advance slowly through the battlefield while periodically using cover. Despite their heavier armor, they don't seem to be more durable than they were in Killzone 2, although they still have more health than regular Helghast troopers.

They appear periodically in the game's later missions, and are most prominent in the final mission, Interception, where they are the most common enemy encountered aboard the Helghast space station.


  • Health: 75
  • Weapons: StA-3 LMG
  • First Appearance: Visari Palace: Lazar Highway