Konstantine City is a location mentioned in Killzone 2, Killzone: Liberation and Killzone: Mercenary.


The city is where the majority of the Helghast civilians that lived in Pyrrhus were evacuated to; some others were also sent to mining villages all over the Helghan wastes. Konstantine City was first mentioned in Scolar Visari's message to Helghast troops at the end of Killzone: Liberation. It was also implied in the same message that the Helghast might have secured a second nuclear weapon (Red Dust) and stored it there.

In Killzone 2's interlude messages between chapters, the city is named Konstantine and it is noted that Visari had evacuated the citizens of Pyrrhus to it to preserve his popularity and to keep his workforce intact. ISA Intelligence believes that approximately 5 million people lived in the city regular. The headquarters of Thoralf-Sigurd-Vig was also in the city.


  • Intel from Killzone: Mercenary reveals that the Helghast fleet that appeared at the end of Killzone 2 were stationed in Konstatine City.
  • The city was most likely named after the Byzantine Emperor, Constantine I, or even Constantinople, the Byzantine's Empire's capital city. This would make sense as this would imply that Konstantine City has impregnable defenses.