This is a collaborative walkthrough for Killzone. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.

Helghast AssaultEdit

Part IEdit

Defend the FoxholeEdit

Move to the next FoxholeEdit

Defend the second foxholeEdit

Run to vehicle wreck for coverEdit

Defend the main trenchEdit

Retake the main trenchEdit

Enter the Industrial AreaEdit

Part IIEdit

Kill the snipersEdit

Enter the shuttle repair baysEdit

Part IIIEdit

Reach the ISA HQEdit

Destroy the Helghast TanksEdit

Part IVEdit

Report to ISA HQEdit

Defend the HQ PerimeterEdit

Report to ISA HQ (again)Edit

Vekta EvacuatesEdit

Part IEdit

Escape from the HQEdit

Part IIEdit

Repel the Helghast attack & Enter the research buildingEdit

Part IIIEdit

Retrieve the SD Platform firing keyEdit

Escape from the research buildingEdit

Part IVEdit

Reach the communications roomEdit

New AlliesEdit

Part IEdit

Reach the parkEdit

Part IIEdit

Traverse the ParkEdit

Kill the Helghast anti-aircraft gunnersEdit

Reach the next park tierEdit

Part IIIEdit

Traverse the parkEdit

Free General Vaughton from the park gatehouseEdit

Strange CompanyEdit

Part IEdit

Access the slumsEdit

Part IIEdit

Reach Waypoint MallEdit

Part IIIEdit

Reach the slumsEdit

Part IVEdit

Rescue Colonel HakhaEdit


Part IEdit

Traverse the dunesEdit

Part IIEdit

Reach the dock's entranceEdit

Repel the Helghast beach landingEdit

Reach the dock's entrance (continued)Edit

Defend the dock's entranceEdit

Reach the dock's entrance (continued)Edit

Part IIIEdit

Reach the evacuation pointEdit

Part IVEdit

Secure boats to escape from the docksEdit

Open the sluice gateEdit

Secure boats to escape from the docks (continued)Edit

Misty WatersEdit

Part IEdit

Escape from the mangrove swampEdit

Part IIEdit

Reach the ISA fortress, Infiltrate the firebase, & Blow up the missile launchingEdit

Shoot down the DropshipsEdit

Reach the ISA FortresssEdit

Part IIIEdit

Reach the ISA FortressEdit

Repel the Helghast attack on the ISA fortressEdit

Hunting the TraitorEdit

Part IEdit

Transverse the SwampEdit

Part IIEdit

Reach the BeaconEdit

Part IIIEdit

Defeat the Helghast with the laser designatorEdit

Access the BunkerEdit

Forging a PathEdit

Part IEdit

Traverse The HillsEdit

Part IIEdit

Transverse the Jungle ValleyEdit

Destroy the Helghast BridgeEdit

Transverse the Jungle Valley (continued)Edit

Part IIIEdit

Defeat the Helghast Heavy Machine Gun PositionsEdit

Acquire the Explosive ChargesEdit

Blow Up the Supply DumpsEdit

Access the Command BunkerEdit

Kill the Helghast Officers in the Command BunkerEdit

Locate the Helghast mainframeEdit

Hidden PastsEdit

Part IEdit

Reach the missile baseEdit

Defeat the Helghast APCsEdit

Reach the missile base (cont.)Edit

Part IIEdit

Defeat General Lente and his bodyguardsEdit

Activate missile clampsEdit

Onwards and UpwardsEdit

Part IEdit

Transverse the Mountain PassEdit

Part IIEdit

Reboot the serversEdit

Realign the communication dishEdit

Reach the orbital transfer stationEdit


Part IEdit

Activate the shuttle liftEdit

Board the shuttleEdit

Activate the shuttle gantrayEdit

Activate the control panelEdit

Part IIEdit

Board transport moduleEdit

Part IIIEdit

Disarm the self destruct charges on the 3 leech modulesEdit

Access the command moduleEdit

Part IVEdit

The Final FightEdit

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