Killzone Trilogy
KillZone Trilogy PS3
US Date Released
October 23, 2012
UK Date Released
First-person shooter
Game modes:
Single player, Multiplayer, Coop(KZ3)
ESRB rating:
PlayStation 3

The Killzone Trilogy is a collection of Killzone, Killzone 2, and Killzone 3 for the PlayStation 3 under Sony's PlayStation Collections line. The original Killzone has been remastered in HD to support 720p resolution and Trophies. The collection also includes all DLC maps for Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. It was released on October 23, 2012 in North America. you can play multiplayer were their are bots that are fun to play solo or splitscreen. their is a vast array of mini games like kartzone were players race check point to check point in karts and single-player campaign with a twist at the ending and fun vehicle missions and the co-op campaign or co-op arena or even co-op challenges and the open-world is large and packed with things to do



Killzone Trilogy Announcement Trailer02:23

Killzone Trilogy Announcement Trailer

News Killzone Trilogy Incoming in October01:03

News Killzone Trilogy Incoming in October

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