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In 2003, a Jampak disc contained the demo to the game Killzone.


The demo started out having you choose to be one character of three, rifleman Captain Templar, demolitions officer Rico, and a stealth trooper, Luger. The objective is to lead your fireteam thrugh a Helghast controlled, war-torn city in Vekta (a colonized planet) in search of a captured ISA (Intergalactic Strategic Alliance) Colonel.


The controls were fairly well set up (no such thing as a perfect controller configuration). You could shoot with R1, secondary fire R2(shotguns and a grenade launcher), reload with Triangle, pick up with O, action with X, and so on, which eventually became the controls of the real Killzone.

There were mixed reviews of a "good demo but not a Halo Killer..." but many critics held it as a "great demo but too many graphical errors..."

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