This is a collaborative walkthrough for Killzone 3. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.
Killzone 3 yo

A New BeginningEdit

Stahl Arms CompoundEdit

This section is pretty simple just follow the other helghast soldier and use the up directional button as a guide

Factory - Sub Section BEdit

just shoot the targets and do what the armorer says but don't shoot the helghan targets only isa

Lithreich LabsEdit

Once again all you need to do is follow the other soldier and use the up directional button as a guide to prevent from getting lost

Evacuation OrdersEdit

Escaping Visari's PalaceEdit

After the video in which Sev and Rico are blown off of a highway onto a rooftop the section will start with you on the roof top. Follow the path down onto the street. Moving along on the left you will see a Helghast regular with his back turned. Watch Rico perforn a brutal melee side note:this is the introduction to the new brutal melee system. There will be another (apparently deaf ;) due to the squish and stab sounds made ) soldier whom you are told to kill. After killing him continue down the highway and climb a rubble pile that's slightly lower than the main blockage of the highway. On the other side an ISA squad will request assistance fighting more hig regulars coming down the stairs. After they stop coming, continue up the stairs moving along the left dispatching hig regulars along the way. As you move along a hig WALKER will jump in the path. Shoot the two support troopers getting off of it. Ignore the walker as it poses no threat. Continue to the path until you are treated to a video where Rico shows mild regret over killing Visari and the section is done.

p.s if anyone wants to they can make a link to the words i put in bold such as rico to another existin page

Rooftop ShowdownEdit

Immediately after the clip you will spawn on a set of stairs. Continue down them and through the doors. If you don't sprint, you can kill the nearest guy quietly and give yourself a chance to cook a grenade for the other guys in the room over a pile of rubble. Killing them is easy enough and for a bonus: if they run further down the hall of the building, which is apparently a museum holding helgan spiders in glass compartments and such, will hold a burster plant. Shoot if at the right time (when they're close enough) to kill a soldier and you snag the psn trophy SPIKY PERSONALITY. Continue down the hall and stairs and a helgan squad will spot and attack you. Finish them off and continue out of the museum and another clip will play. Congrats, you beat it and if lucky enough snagged a trophy a few levels early.

Dead EndEdit

Bilgarsk MuesumEdit

Broken HighwayEdit

Pyhrrus EvacuationEdit

Senlin BeachEdit

Salach DistrictEdit

Ground ZeroEdit

Six Months OnEdit

Jungle ValleyEdit

Behind The ValeEdit

Cruiser WreckageEdit

Kanzan DeepEdit

ISA Camp SeigeEdit

Icy IncursionEdit

Frozen ShoresEdit


Akmir RigEdit

Nilfrost RigEdit

Providence BayEdit

Providence StationEdit

Stahl Arms InfiltrationEdit

Stahl Arms East BlockEdit

Ward 5Edit

Assembly Line #17Edit

Sharp PursuitEdit

Scrapyard ShortcutEdit

Scrapyard PerimeterEdit

Fenced InEdit

Blind YardsEdit

Mobile FactoryEdit

Belly Of The BeastEdit

The ReckoningEdit



Freight ElevatorEdit

Ashen SkiesEdit


Outer TunnelsEdit

Sev ,rico and narvile with two other isa members proceed to the space elevator.they encounter a few exploding spiders

Power VacuumEdit

Inner SanctumEdit

Fleet BattleEdit

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