Killzone 3 ribbons

These are not in order with the text.

There are five ribbons you can obtain in Killzone 3's multiplayer, each awarding a bonus to your combat abitilties.

They are:

  • Bullet Damage
This grants a 25% damage increase for all bullet weapons, explosives are not affected.
You get this for earning five assists in one match.
Lasts all match.
  • Faster Reload
This cuts reload times for primary weapons by about half.
It is interesting to note that rather than just speed up the reload animation this ribbon actually changes the animation for reloading all primary weapons.
You get this for getting ten kills without aiming in one match.
Lasts all match.
  • Increased accuracy
This tightens up your hip-fire spread for all primary weapons.
You get this for getting five melee kills in one match, they don't have to be in a row.
Lasts all match.
  • Double kill XP
This doubles the amount of expierience points you get for all kills, assists, etc.
You get this for completing an objective.
Lasts sixty seconds.
  • Faster Aim
This cuts the amount of time it takes to sight in your weapon in half.
You get this for getting ten kills while aiming down the sight.
Lasts all match.
It is worth noting that ribbons do stack with each other, facilitating one's ability to collect multiple ribbons in a match.

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