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Corinth RiverEdit

The New SunEdit

After the cutscene simply follow Garza along the walkway and through a room to the launch bay. Then head down the stairs to Natko for a cutscene.

Corinth SandsEdit

Okay, Follow your team around the corner and kill 3 Helghast on top of a building. Head through the next area and take cover against the bridge on the left and kill the guys in the building ahead. After that pick up an RPG ahead and destroy the fuel dumps on the bridge to the right and just kill the remaining Helgast in the area, then just follow your team through a trench to the next area. There just kill the machine gunners in the tower and on the APCs and use grenades to kill Helgast coming out of 2 APCs.

Stahl Arms WarehouseEdit

Verdran Overlook EastEdit

Storm Drain 11-34CEdit

Verdran Overlook WestEdit

Korovis DamEdit

Blood MeridianEdit

Landing Zone 33Edit

Dakurol AlleyEdit

Heavy CanalEdit

Wollan's ViewEdit

Verudan AlleyEdit

Cableway HeightsEdit

Cableway RoofsEdit

Visari SquareEdit

Prefect's OfficeEdit

Malik Back AlleysEdit

Ostoja EndEdit

Union Storage YardEdit

The SquareEdit

Salamun DistrictEdit

Canal BankEdit

Dushan Tower CourtyardEdit

Dushan Loading BayEdit

Corinth ShantiesEdit

Substation StrongpointEdit

Salamun BridgeEdit

Bridge EastEdit

Air Defense 22-12ILCEdit

Bridge WestEdit

Radec AcademyEdit

Academy RooftopEdit

A cutscene will soon takeover. It leaves you on the rooftop of the academy, left to defend yourself against a flying ATAC (Agile Tactical Air Component). There's a VC9 Rocket Launcher to take it out, but if you fire a shot at it the ATAC the ATAC will dodge it. There's a hall on the left of the bottom of the stairs that provides good cover for you and a good place to attack the ATAC. Note that if you see rows of glowing-blue electricity coils on either side of the rooftop. Fire the glowing-blue electricity coil with you m4 revolver or if you picked up the StA-18 Pistol When the ATAC is over it. Shoot you pistol at the glowing-blue electricity coil and it will disable the ATAC for a while. When the ATAC is disabled take out your rocket launcher and fire a shot at it. You need 4 shots to destroy it.

After destroying the ATAC you have completed your objective and finished Salamun Bridge mission
ATAC 3 2
Killzone 2 - Salamun Bridge - Academy Rooftop03:31

Killzone 2 - Salamun Bridge - Academy Rooftop

Suljeva VillageEdit


Suljeva NorthEdit

Maintenance OfficeEdit

Vojislav Mining FacilityEdit

Suljeva NorthEdit

Waystation 14Edit

Tharsis RefineryEdit

Suljeva MinetrainEdit

Tharsis StationEdit

Lower Refinery ComplexEdit

Processing ComplexEdit

Cross Facility ShippingEdit

Transportation ControlEdit

Central ObservatoryEdit

Tharsis Aerial DockEdit

The CruiserEdit

Landing BayEdit


Power RoomEdit

Air Traffic ControlEdit

Core ElevatorEdit

Emergency Stairwell CEdit

Launch BayEdit

Maelstra BarrensEdit

Cargo Impact SiteEdit

Industrial Ghost TownEdit

Grave of the New SunEdit

Visari PalaceEdit

Lazar HighwayEdit

Outer DefensesEdit

Inner CourtyardEdit

Autarch's SanctumEdit

Right when you enter a cutscene takes place where Radec apears and while discussing strategic plans with his bodyguards, he notices you and Rico and states that he will deal with you himself. After that, find cover and start killing the Troopers he sends after you. Peek, mark one enemy and shoot. It may take a while but you will manage to advance slowly but steadily. Also don't bother firing on Radec because its a waste of Ammo. For this stage of the battle keep either the M82 or the STa 52 assault rifle. When you advance more troopers will pour in and some will even assault you from behind. At one point, Radec will order his troops to bring down the chandeliers so make sure you are not under them. After that, the balcony doors will open up. Go up and kill the Pyro troopers from a safe distance. You should haveno problem defeating them and the other helghast trooper(s) that is/are up there. When you kill them take cover in the central area and keep the flamethrower close by. Use any weapon to deal with the troopers below but keep an eye out to the doors on the other side of the room. At some point, elite troopers will pour out of them, get down and go up to your balcony to assault you. That's where the flamethrower will come in handy. Cover one of the two balcony entrances and burn quickly the elites. Then wait until the elites from the other entrance are in range and torch them as well. Return to the central area but this time pick the sniper rifle. Keep killing the troopers but keep an eye on the doors close to Radec again. At one point, 4 support Troopers armed with Rocket launchers will come out and start firnig on you.I f you are covered you are safe. Peek out and mark one of them, then cover again to avoid the rocket barrage. Peek out again and put the sniper scope on the marked target and cover again. Peek out for a third time and kill the marked target. Repeat this procedure until all four targets are killed. Then you get a quick cutscene and a checkpoint. An ISA transport crashes in the room destroying the obstacles from the right side. However the Helghast will keep coming and sometime later, both elite troopers and suport troopers armed with Rocket launchers will assault you. The elites will try to keep you busy and in turn, exposed to rocket fire so slay them quickly. Repeat the above method to defeat the Support troopers afterwards. Use the sniper rifle. Then move close to Radec from the right side where the obstacles are cleared. Another cutscene and a checkpoint. This is where you get to fight Radec. He has the ability to teleport, so quickly go down to the ground floor. Every time you hear a weird electronic sound and you see a cyan flash, he teleports. The position he arrive is determined by the point of the flash. At first he tends to teleport behind you and try to stab you with his knife. Quite stressing because he is fast and sometimes he teleports rapidly. When you fire at him and he teleports out of your view, quickly turn the camera around. If you hear the teleport sound more than once rotate the camera until you find him. Close to the crashed ISA transport is a flamethrower. He is quite confused to say the least if he is fired upon by that weapon. He starts screaming in agony as he catches on fire. That makes him much easier to pot because you can see the fire even when he is invisible. However, use the flamethrower ammynition sparingly because it won't be enough to kill him. When you are out of Flamethrower ammo switch to a shotgun. There is one located close to the left balcony door. It is dangerous to get close to him but most probably he will get close to you. At some point he will get tired of chasing you around. He will teleport to the balcony and start firing on you. Get up to the balcony and fire on him with your shot gun until he teleports down again. Go down and repeat until your shotgun is empty too. Switch to an assault rofle or use your pistol to make him teleport up again. Make sure Rico draws his fire, then go up from the opposite side than the one he is on. Grab the sniper rifle and take him down. It shouldn't take many shots. Then you will get a cutscene where you see him commit suicide (All this ammo emptied right on him and in the end he kills himself:/ ). After that just move forward and enjoy the ending cutscene congratulating yourself for finishing the game. Enjoy!

Chapter/Location 4Edit

Mission/Quest 1Edit

Mission/Quest 2Edit

Mission/Quest 3Edit

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