This is a collaborative walkthrough for Killzone: Liberation. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.

Chapter 1Edit

Counter AttackEdit

Go West to the Ruined HouseEdit

Destroy the wall with C4Edit

Use C4 to get access to the front lineEdit

Help out Rico at the front lineEdit


Reach the ISA baseEdit

Waste all Helghast reinforcementEdit


Enter ISA BaseEdit

Destroy the AA gunEdit

Find and rescue 3 ISA VIPsEdit


Gain access to the damEdit

Destroy the gateEdit

Destroy the cable winches / Boss BattleEdit

Find a way to escapeEdit

Chapter 2Edit


Locate the keycard to access the command officeEdit

Find the C4Edit

Use C4 on the pipe to gain access to the elevator areaEdit

Reach the elevator to the captured oil refineryEdit


Deactivate the first pumpEdit

i cant Deactivate the second pump.. helpEdit

Proceed to the emergency exitEdit


Meet Rico at the rendezvous pointEdit

Reach the main harbor entrance on the west sideEdit


Open the sea doorEdit

Protect the Helghast command shipEdit

Head towards the HarborEdit

Steal the HovercraftEdit

Chapter 3Edit


Gain entry through the swamp shuttersEdit

Enter the Deeper Swamp Area to the NorthEdit


Escape the pursuers/ Prevent them from accessing the islandsEdit

Reach the crash siteEdit

Kill all HelghastEdit

Survive the attack of HelghastEdit


Survive the Helghast attackEdit


Open the Fuel Depot Doors to reach the OutpostEdit

Find the Swamp OutpostEdit

Destroy the two AA gunsEdit

Boss BattleEdit

Chapter 4Edit


Reach the Mountain Gate to the airbase=Edit


Infiltrate the heart of the baseEdit

Protect Shadow Marshall LugerEdit

Mini BossEdit

Search the Prison Wing for RicoEdit


Escort Evelyn to SafetyEdit

Defeat General MetracEdit


Make your way to the launchstripEdit

Chapter 5Edit

Mission/Quest 1Edit

Mission/Quest 2Edit

Mission/Quest 3Edit

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