The Khage was a powerful prototype Cruiser commanded by Jorhan Stahl's right-hand man, the Commodore. It only appears in Killzone 3.


Perhaps the most powerful warship ever seen the "Stahl Arms Prototype Cruiser", built as Jorhan Stahl's personal flagship, is indeed awe inspiring. Chairman Stahl's right-hand man, the Commodore, was selected to command the vessel. Built using technology developed by Stahl Arms, which was kept a secret from the Helghast military, the ship possessed both impressive energy shielding and a powerful Petrusite Cannon capable of destroying a pair of Helghast Cruisers in a single shot.

This made the prototype cruiser much more technologically advanced than other Helghast Naval vessels and indeed the ISA's own Cruisers. The Khage is capable of deploying Strikeships from underneath the armor plating that runs along its dorsal spine. After its completion Stahl had planned to use the irradiated petrusite weapons built into his cruiser to strike Earth directly thus wiping out the UCN leadership and everyone on the planet. This would allow him to then take control of the colonies.

Name and ClassificationEdit

The novelisation gives the ship's name as the "Khage", named after Jorhan's father, Khage Stahl. However, ingame, it is commonly referred to as “The Chairman’s Cruiser” or “Stahl’s Cruiser” by both Helghast and ISA soldiers. The ship is classified as a cruiser in game however, given its firepower and significant mass over other Helghast Cruisers it would seem to more appropriately fit the Battleship classification (the classification used in the novelisation), or a Battle-Carrier due to its ability to transport space fighters.


Ultimately, after being attacked by Sev and Jammer’s captured Strikeships the cruiser loses power to its engines and starts to fall into Helghan’s atmosphere. Stahl stays on the ship even as the crew and the commodore abandons the ship and fights to keep the ship from crashing. He is successful and the Cruiser stabilizes just before impacting the planet’s surface. Sev fires a nuclear missile from his Strikeship which destroys the cruiser and ultimately causes a chain reaction that in turn destroys the orbital elevator and a part of the surface of Helghan.