Kaznan Jungle is the location of the hidden remnant ISA troops under the command of Captain Jason Narville.



ISA in the Kaznan Jungle

After six months of successfully eluding the Helghast forces under the command of Admiral Orlock they are finally discovered by scouting Helghast forces (under the command of Jorhan Stahl) who discover the ISA satellite uplink. The jungle is home to many dangerous fauna and flora, including the exploding "burster" plants, as well as other attacking spiders and folliage. During the Jungle mission Sev and Kowalski employ a variety of stealth tactics to subdue an alarmingly large number of Helghast soldiers. This is the only mission in which stealth tactics are used, and where the M66-SD Submachine Gun is a usable weapon. Mid-mission Sev sends Kowalski back to camp to warn Narville of an impending Helghast attack on their camp while he goes on alone (or with Natko if you're playing co-op) to complete the mission at hand and re-establish a connection with Earth. It is at this point that the ISA command on Earth informs Narville that they must surrender so that their release may be negotiated.
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Welcome to the Jungle

After a fierce battle at the ISA camp Narville and Sev are taken hostage while Kowalski and the other survivors are executed. Some appear to have escaped initially, such as Hooper, who reappears on several occasions later with Rico and Jammer. It is presumed that Jammer and the other Raider troups encountered the surviving ISA at some point during the attack on the Stahl weapons facility.


In Killzone 3 there is a multiplayer map based on the location. The map is available for Guerrila Warfare only.


  • Using a LS13 Shotgun or other close quarters combat weapons can be very useful in this map since theres not allot of open wide areas, turrets can also be useful.