Justus Harkin
Killzone: Mercenary
Age 11
Race Half Breed
Planet Helghan
Status Alive
Title -
Affiliation -
Justus Harkin is the son of the Vektan ambassador Sepp Harkin, and a Helghast woman, Valeria Harkin. He is therefore half human and half Helghast. 

Killzone: MercenaryEdit

During the invasion of Helghan, Justus and his family were under house arrest, since his father's immunity from any sort of harm has been made null from the invasion. Because his father is a close friend of Admiral Grey and it was his intel that saved her from death during the invasion of Vekta, she intends to return the favor by sending mercenaries to rescue them and place them in safe hands.

During the assault, he and his family are hold up in one of the rooms, where the family's bodyguard, Boris holds off the attackers. Tragically, his father and mother are shot and killed. Moments later, the mercenary, Arran Danner, arrives and Justus is escorted by Danner and Boris to the docks, where they intend to escape by boat.

After fighting through Helghast soldiers, Justus and Danner succeed in escaping to the docks. However, Boris dies in the effort. Before leaving, Justus laments that he can never come back nor will he ever see his parents and Boris again. 

He is eventually taken under the care of Admiral Grey, who keeps him close at all times, knowing his value as he had the bioweapon trigger inside of his bloodstream, apparently unknown to Justus himself. Eventually, Danner comes to take the virus and rescues Justus from the research facility. Once they get off the facility Blackjack then wipes their tracks so Justus can be a normal kid again.

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