Junkyard is a Killzone 3 multiplayer map which was added in the Steel Rain Map Pack. The junkyards of Helghan are a wasteland to some, but a valuable resource to others. In the main junk processing facility of Helghan, ISA and Helghast Forces are clashing in an attempt to salvage vehicles and supplies for their war effort. Jetpacks are the key to taking the high ground, but the huge Exoskeletons can quickly turn the tide of the battle on the ground. The map only supports Guerrilla Warfare.
Kz3 ss 2011-02-24 steel-rain 04


  • This is a good map for sniping because of the tall piles of junk has a very good view on the map, using the jetpack to get to the moving cargo on the crane (the only way to get there) can be also useful.


  • For some reason, its not listed on the Botzone.
    Kz3 ss 2011-02-24 steel-rain 02

    A Exoskeleton.