"Sergeant Velasquez! are you too stupid to follow a direct order to shut the fuck up?"
—Jason Narville[src]
Jason Narville
Killzone 2, Killzone 3
Age 41
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Alive
Title Captain
Affiliation ISA mini

Captain Jason Narville was the commanding officer of Avenger Convoy in Killzone 2, and later led the ISA remnants in Killzone 3 after being the only high ranking soldier remaining on Helghan.


A great soldier and one of the best combat leaders in the ISA Marines, Captain Jason Narville was actually on secondment to the UCA on Earth when the Helghast invasion struck Vekta. Incensed by the attack on his homeworld, Narville made it back barely in time for the mopping up on the southern continent. Feeling ashamed at having not been there when his homeworld needed him, Narville is determined to show the worth of his training during the invasion of Helghan itself.

Killzone 2Edit

During the invasion of Helghan, he successfully leads Avenger Convoy in gaining control of Visari Square. Much later, he is seen loudly berating the remaining ISA troopers of Battle Group Mandrake for their silent admission of defeat, after the near-total destruction of their task force by a nuclear warhead in the capital city of Pyrrhus.

Killzone 3Edit

Killzone 3 004

Narville in Killzone 3.

Following the death of Scolar Visari and the destruction of the ISA fleet supporting Battle Group Mandrake, the entire regimental officer corps of Operation Archangel was wiped out, leaving Narville the sole high-ranking officer of the surviving ISA forces. At one point over the course of Killzone 3, Narville is captured by the Helghast, but is rescued by Sev and Rico, assuming command over the remaining ISA troops shortly thereafter. 

Besides the threat of the Helghast and being marooned on an enemy-held planet, Narville also faces a breakdown of discipline amongst his desperate troops, and is constantly bickering with Rico about their course of action.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

Narville's fate is unknown in Killzone: Shadow Fall, however, in multiplayer, there is a player icon of him, entitling him as "Jason Narville".



  • In the Killzone 3 multiplayer modes, Narville is the voice for the mission briefing shortly before the mission starts.
  • In cutscenes, he uses an M4 Revolver, but in gameplay he is shown wielding an M82 Assault Rifle.
  • Narville is extremely determined to do things his way with protecting the lives of his soldiers as first priority, he regularly turns away suggestions from Sev and especially Rico because he believes that Rico's plans "cost more lives than they save." 
  • On, a video of how the designers made the nuclear explosion effect in Killzone 2 was narrated by Narville (Mikey O'Conner). Titled "Anatomy of a Nuclear Explosion", Narville made several jokes about the 1950s and how Killzone is more realistic than other video games.
  • Narville is voiced by Mikey O'Connor in Killzone 2, and by James Remar in Killzone 3.